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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy and Consultation Services

Like a trellis for a vine, we provide the structure, support, and nurturing necessary to help our clients reach new heights everyday.

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Our Mission

Trellis Behavior and Learning Solutions is a group of ABA therapy providers who are committed to improving the lives of children with communication, social, and behavioral difficulties. Our providers use empirically-validated behavioral treatment strategies to help each child reach his or her greatest potential. 

At Trellis, we fully embrace the growth mindset. We believe that with the right teaching strategies, supports, practice, and motivation, skills can be cultivated and learned over time; and a diagnosis, label, or current skill deficit does not set a limit on a child's potential. We strive to develop motivation, self-esteem, and a love for learning with a positive, encouraging, and fun-filled approach.

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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis utilizes the principles of learning and behavior to reduce problem behaviors and teach new skills that result in an improvement in the quality of life for children and their families. Some of the skills that ABA can address include communication skills, social skills, coping skills, daily living skills, toileting skills, motor skills, attending skills, and cooperative learning skills.


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Home, School, and Community-based ABA Therapy Services

Bringing ABA to You

Trellis was founded as a community-based organization, meeting the needs of families and children wherever they are. Therapy services in the child's natural environment provide more opportunities for parents and teachers to directly observe the application of ABA strategies and can also help with generalization of skills across settings.


Clinic-based Services

Trellis Therapy Center

Clinic-based services provide an opportunity for your child to receive intensive 1:1 therapy sessions or participate in social learning groups with peers. Our play-based therapy areas also provide opportunities for natural environment teaching, socialization, and generalization training.

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Consultation and Training Services

Teaching You the Science of ABA

Consultation and training services for parents and school staff are typically a part of our treatment plans for children receiving direct therapy services. In some cases, barriers such as scheduling, funding, or geographic location prevent a family from being able to access direct therapy services. In these cases, parents or school staff may elect to receive training and consultation from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst so that they may implement ABA strategies themselves. Prior to providing consultation and training services, we will conduct an assessment and develop a plan with specific goals and strategies that you will be trained to implement. After the initial training phase, we provide on-going consultation for feedback, problem-solving, and program updates.

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About Us


Jenny Underwood, MS, BCBA, LBA is the founder and director of Trellis Behavior and Learning Solutions. She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Auburn University in 2007 and went on to complete a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Auburn University and gain board certification in 2008. She was selected for a fellowship position with Montgomery Public Schools following graduation and has spent the last 15 years providing behavioral assessment and consultation services as well as staff training on evidence-based behavioral strategies for preschool-12th grade students with a wide variety of diagnoses and behavioral concerns. Jenny also has extensive experience providing in-home ABA therapy services for children with autism and related social, communication, and behavioral disorders. Her recognition of the increasing need for ABA therapy services in the Montgomery area and passion for helping children and families through evidence-based behavioral strategies led to the inception of Trellis Behavior and Learning Solutions.

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